The Perks of Staying on River Street

The perks are plentiful during long days and hot nights on River Street, where the Savannah River Edges up to the historic district, creating a soulful scene filled with an abundance of things to do and see. There are hundreds of reasons we love it, but we’ll save time and just share out favorites.


1. Sunsets on the Savannah River


The Savannah River is a beauty in itself, with tugboats, ferries, cargo ships and the occasional tall ship sailing under the Talmadge Bridge. But when the sun starts its slow descent and kisses the earth, colors sail through the sky, giving everyone on River Street a spectacular movie-worthy scene.

2. First Friday Fireworks


The sunset isn’t the only reason colors paint the sky; fireworks also fill the night with shades of color every first Friday of the month around 9:30 p.m.

3. History in the Making


The beauty of River Street doesn’t just lie in its scenic setting, but the rich history behind it. From Plantation-era cotton factors on Factors Walk to the cobblestone streets and buildings built with ballast stones from ships sailing to destinations around the world, there is much to see and learn. Just stroll down the street and you’ll see several statues and monuments memorializing some of Savannah’s key figures.

4. Restaurants Right Here


Whether you’re looking for a café to grab a coffee or croissant, an elegant eatery for dinner or a playful pub or boisterous bar to enjoy an evening with friends, River Street has options to suit every taste. Seafood, burgers, beers, cocktails, Southern fare and gourmet cuisine can all be found along East and West River Street.

5. Shopping Just Steps Away


Amid the bountiful bars and restaurants, eclectic shops thrive all along the riverfront. Offering everything from souvenirs and local art to the latest fashions to handcrafted jewelry, fun shops provide you with all kinds of unique goodies, so you won’t need to go anywhere else!

6. Sweet Tooth Satisfaction


The sweet treats found at the candy stores are a huge draw on River Street, bringing hundreds into the shop to taste fresh pralines and taffy made on site. Watch the candymakers working away and explore the explosion of sweetness lining the walls. From chocolate-covered almonds, peanuts, raisins and caramels and an assortment of fudge and truffles, to sour gummy worms, jellybeans of every flavor and popcorn, candy apples, bear claws and pralines, there is something for every sweet tooth. The candy stores aren’t the only ones with sugary delights; the restaurants right next door feature their own famous desserts, like the beignets at Huey’s!

7. Savannah Celebrations


The soulful scene on River Street is, in part, thanks to festivals featuring a wealth of visual and performing artists. Just about every month, the Savannah Waterfront Association organizes special celebrations showcasing live music, outdoor activities, food vendors and artists with booths set up west of the Rousakis Plaza stage. The most popular event is definitely the St. Patrick’s Day Celebration, followed by Oktoberfest. Christmas on the River and the Dog Days of Summer also appear in the annual line-up, filling each month with something fun for everyone.

8. City Market, A Street Away


If River Street is Savannah’s most popular destination, then City Market is a close second with its own distinctive collection of cafes, creative shops, unique boutiques and remarkable restaurants. And it’s just a short walk away! If you’re on the west end of River Street, City Market is a mere two blocks away—just climb the steep River Street steps, walk across Bay Street and you’ll be there.

9. No Car Needed


In case it’s not already obvious, you don’t need a car if you’re staying on River Street since you’re in the heart of the Historic District. Here, you can walk across town to see the Juliette Gordon-Low House or the Telfair Museum—nothing’s too far! Although, if you’d rather ride, there are plenty of options: on/off trolley tours, pedicab rides, bike rentals, DOT express shuttles and much more.

10. Solo Cup City


On River Street, solo cups are an accessory that just about everyone leaves a bar or restaurant with, because of Savannah’s Open Container Policy. While many cities prohibit patrons from carrying around alcoholic beverages, Savannah allows customers to carry their drinks with them throughout the Historic District, as long as they are in plastic 16-ounce cups.

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