What’s On Factor’s Walk

In the 19th century, Factor’s Walk was a series of iron and concrete walkways connecting the buildings with the street, where men baled, factored and sold cotton from the warehouses on River Street. Today, this series of iron walkways, bridges and concrete sidewalks still exists, and now leads not only to River Street Inn, but also to gift shops, antique stores and delightful cafés in the huge building that was once a cotton warehouse.


With storefronts opening to Bay Street, these four shops are located in the same building as the River Street Inn, on the second story:

Matter of Factors


The two black doors to the left of River Street Inn’s lobby, take guests to Curt and Lisa Bolak’s first of four stores, Matter of Factors. Upon entering, visitors are greeted by an array of local and regional wines that range from $12 to $20, which visitors are welcome to taste test. Along with wine bottle holders, glasses and other accessories, Matter of Factors also has local photography by Alysia Austin, a selection of hats, which include Santana and Stetson “No Fly Zone” hats, sunglasses and all kinds of other unique and unusual gifts.


120 East Bay Street
(912) 231-2100

Savannah Rose


To the right of River Street Inn’s entrance is Savannah Rose, a store filled with all kinds of antiques—from estate jewelry to lace fans, parasols and teapots, clocks that chime 30 tunes and music boxes. Dubbed “The Shop with Attitude,” this quaint boutique not only sells vintage goods, but also colorful jackets, hats, scarves and Firefly jewelry, perfect for a lady looking for something special.


126 East Bay Street
(912) 232-9449

Café M


Nestled next to Savannah Rose and Ye Ole Tobacco Shop, Café M greets customers with the smell of warm croissants, freshly baked almonette cookies and baguette sandwiches. This new French café is the perfect place to grab a morning coffee or afternoon tea or stop for breakfast or lunch. In addition to a delicious selection of croissant melts and baguette sandwiches, Café M also boasts an assortment of sweet treats and goodies—pies, cookies and their unique pink pralines, which the Parisian owners, Arthur and Amanda Montplaisir, brought with them from France.


128 East Bay Street
(912) 712-3342

Ye Ole Tobacco Shop


Snug in the corner of the building, Ye Ole Tobacco Shop is one of the oldest on the block—a tenant for over 40 years, first on River Street, before moving upstairs to Factor’s Walk. The shop features a selection of over 150 choices of cigars, including the popular Romeo y Julieta, Arturo Fuente and Padron cigars, as well as a wide range of cigarettes. But that’s not all they have, Ye Ole Tobacco Shop also boasts an assortment of hats, Savannah postcards, mugs, magnets, and Savannah Bee Honey.



130 East Bay Street
(912) 236-9384

Across the Bridge

If you walk across the iron bridge over the cobblestone access to River Street, you’ll find even more shops along the backside of these River Street buildings, which open to Bay Street, including:

Factor’s Cottage


The first shop past the bridge can’t be missed with its large red awning and American flags welcoming guests. Factor’s Cottage is not only factors-cottage-finds
home to a delightful selection of gifts ranging from cute Chala handbags and backpacks, fragrance lamps, sun catchers, wind chimes and charming pop-up books, but also the work of local artist Michele Snell. Upstairs, past the beautiful display of hanging umbrellas, is her gallery space boasting an array of oil paintings, some with a lovely impasto, which give the pieces a spectacular texture, making some three-dimensional works of art.


206 East Bay Street
(912) 443-9337

Savannah Belle


The shops on Factor’s Walk wouldn’t be complete without a clothing boutique and that’s where Savannah Belle shines, with everything from Italian linens to Peruvian cottons, Turkish leather La Pinta shoes to the popular Naot shoes. Upon entering the shop, customers are immediately welcomed by fascinating three-dimensional photo collages and a small, yet beautiful collection of photography by Mike Ring. But that’s not the only spot guests will find artwork; it’s placed amid all of the jewelry, hats, scarves, shoes and clothing lines throughout the store.


126 East Bay Street
(912) 232-9449

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